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intereffect media-利来w66

intereffect media is a leading short video content marketing service company that integrates creative content and data technology. the company provides advertising and information services around interaction and effects, including advertising strategy formulation, video shooting, copywriting production, advertising account optimization and other services. the core personnel are all from the field of internet marketing and have served a large number of customers in gaming, e-commerce, financial, social, home furnishing, tourist, education industries and others, boasting years of experience in business services and news feed ads optimization services.

business scope


short video shooting service

professional video team and service personnel with rich experience in short video marketing. one-stop service including script writing, actors, shooting, editing, post-processing, etc., providing customers with content for ad serving and mainstream short video platforms such as douyin, kuaishou, and video accounts.


information flow advertising service

connect with domestic mainstream information and provide one-stop services such as account opening, strategy customization, materials and account optimization, and data summarization that centers on serving effect of customers.


brand self-media operation service

keeping up with the trend of social media and possessing cutting-edge brand self-media management experience. set up weibo, wechat and online brand sectors.

media resources