gift supply-利来w66

as the first listed company in the gift industry and with outstanding creative planning, industrial design, and supply chain services as its core competitiveness, yuanlong yato has always been customer-oriented, providing them with comprehensive, timely and professional marketing gift solutions. the company has been deeply involved in the gift industry for more than 20 years, and has long been the core supplier of more than 100 fortune 500 companies such as procter & gamble, nestle, huawei, yili, alibaba, tencent, and ping an insurance, as well as well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. it has great industrial advantages and broad operation experience in gift creative design, r&d, supply chain management, key customer service and other industries, and is fully equipped with the competitive edge in leading enterprises in the industry. meanwhile, through the cooperation and interaction with various fortune 500 companies and famous domestic and foreign brands, yuanlong yato's professional service team, rich operation experience, excellent qualification and reputation have become the cornerstone of the company's continuous business expansion.

support system

design and development, supply chain management, intelligent logistics, national warehousing services.

design and development capabilities

yuanlong yato has design and r&d centers in beijing, shanghai and shenzhen. it has a great team of over one hundred talents that come from different professional fields such as visual communication, industrial design, structural engineering, derivatives of cultural and creative products, as well as space and interaction design, providing customers and brand projects with comprehensive services including program planning, product planning, visual design and product r&d. the team has more than 600 valid intellectual property rights, and its design innovation achievements have won more than 50 well-known international and domestic awards, such as the red dot design award, if design award, red star design award, and golden pin design award.


supply chain management system

in the organizational form of mutual coordination and restriction of the procurement management department quality management department supply chain development department, we build a systemic and complete supply chain management system that has passed strict qc management standards and professional qa control, management and examination to ensure the quality of our products. 

intelligent logistics system

an efficient intelligent warehousing and logistics service system is established. we have four major operation hubs in beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, and chengdu, radiating to more than 1,000 cities and counties nationwide, providing customers with optimal transportation solutions and 365-day uninterrupted logistics and distribution services, and allowing the goods of each order reach the customers safely in the shortest time.

four storage centers

the four storage centers in beijing, shanghai, guangzhou and chengdu have a comprehensive area of 21,500 square meters, in case of unexpected events, they could be temporarily expanded to about 30,000 square meters. with 24-hour operation, fast response, accuracy and efficiency, all-round solutions for various material transportation, warehousing and market terminal services are provided for customers.