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in the current wave of domestic consumption upgrades, consumers' demands for the cultural connotation of products continue to increase, and well-known ips are applied more and more in marketing scenes. yuanlong yato will comply with the growing trend of cultural consumption requirement, continue to enrich domestic and foreign famous ip resources such as china-chic, animation, designer toys, e-sports, museums, etc., and build a key ip development strategy with characteristics. through the powerful combination of leading enterprises in the industry and with the ip brand advantages, we can give full play to the core advantages such as cultural and creative product design and development capabilities, leading supply chain management capabilities, major customer channel sales capabilities, and comprehensive marketing operation services, establish a differentiated competitive edge, improve marketing effects, and realize the extension of ip business value.

universal series ip

yuanlong yato has become the four major brand development strategic partners of universal in greater china, starting a new development of the big ip culture strategy. on september 23, 2021, the 2021 universal brand development key partners' meeting in greater china was grandly held in universal beijing resort. the meeting announced and awarded yuanlong yato as one of universal's brand development strategic partner (in greater china), another three are alibaba, china mobile migu, and pop mart.


louvre series ip

founded in 1190, the louvre was originally the royal palace of france, where 50 french kings and queens lived. it is one of the most precious buildings of the french renaissance period and is famous for its collection of classical paintings and sculptures. on august 10, 1793, the museum was officially opened. the louvre is one of the world's largest art treasure-houses, and is with a collection of more than 400,000 of the world's top-level cultural relics. the building itself is acclaimed as the palace of thousands of treasures. in the front of the louvre, the pyramid-shaped glass entrance designed by the chinese architect ieoh ming pei has become the symbol of it. as the most celebrated art palace in the world, the louvre receives more than 10 million visitors every year, and is worthy of the name of the top of the four major museums in the world.