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background introduction

there are three spaces in the world known to human beings, the geocentric space, the surface, and the space of galaxies above the clouds that surrounds the earth. however, the humans living on the surface have no idea that their thoughts correspond to the galaxy in the space of the universe above the clouds.

in a cosmos that has not yet been explored by human beings, and a corner of the canes venatici cluster, a small galaxy is quietly giving birth to its own civilization.

a few years before the canes venatici age, the legends of life and civilization gathered on a dazzling planet in the central ring of this tiny galaxy called "uova". the native races and alien races living on the main star of uova reached a peaceful coexistence agreement to jointly lead the uova galaxy and gradually establish contact with other distant civilizations. at present, there are more than 20 native races living on the main star of uova. the government arranges industries on the main star and several adjacent planets according to local conditions, introduces technology, culture, art and emerging industries from all walks of life to the entire uova galaxy, gradually become the pioneer of interstellar civilization. and then, the uova galaxy sent an invitation to the whole universe to welcome the arrival of more interstellar immigrants.

human beings on the earth received the invitation, among them, those with strong thoughts successfully connected with the corresponding individuals in the very universe. human consciousness crosses the vast and quiet universe of stars and arrives in the uova galaxy, where it breaks out of its shell in the outer space and settles down.

in the galaxy, every inhabitant holds a red power stone in the right hand, and they control the power of the mysterious spar. through the continuous expansion of consciousness and imagination, the uova galaxy continues to grow, and more and more cosmic individuals living on the cloud maintain a high degree of unity of knowing and doing with the human beings living on the surface of the earth—they are "uova eggshell metaverse people".

leonardo da vinci's teacher said: "there are no two eggs in the world that look alike". now, this magical immigrant galaxy—uova, is waiting for every unique "you" to explore!


at present, uova has signed contracts and conducted strategic cooperation with more than 10 internal collection platforms and domestic and foreign performance, culture and tourism, museum, art and life ip companies in terms of digital collection transaction planning, network-wide distribution services, and metaverse scene innovation industry business. uova is committed to providing planning and marketing services related to digital collections and metaverse scenes for various cultural and brand ips. 

uova strives to create a metaverse scene, and it is also dedicated to digital collection transactions, metaverse social contact and more metaverse innovative ways to play, creating a brand-new user interaction experience.



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uova production committee


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complete program service for digital collections: creation, distribution and promotion


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