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cultural liquor-利来w66

with the rapid development of new consumption and chinese fashion trend culture, yuanlong yato will continue to promote the development of the big ip culture strategy, push for the close combination between cultural and creative design and the top-tier ip of chinese famous liquors, and jointly develop the cultural liquor market. yuanlong cultural liquor products will focus on research and development from traditional culture, current events and hot topics, brand cooperation, theme scenes and high-end customization, integrating internal and external high-end brand resources, famous artists resources and other brand resources by means of co-branding and cross-border cooperation. in this way, a perfect series of traditional cultural liquor brands will be created, leading the consumption of high-end liquor and the development of the era of high-end cultural liquor.

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the packaging design integrates the traditional culture of wuliangye and the auspicious elements of the imperial palace, praying for "jinou yonggu (stands for the completeness of the sovereign's territory)" and "zhongzheng hemei (which means integrity, harmony and contentment)". it is ingeniously designed in the structure of the combination of heaven and earth, with the pillar of heaven and earth erected in the cover and the tray. one can rotate it to open the "palace gate", which interprets the changes of times and space, represents the laws of nature, and expresses respect for traditional culture. inside the gold ruyi decorations on the doors and windows patterns is the first to eighth generations of wuliangye, which symbolizes a bumper grain harvest and the prosperity of the family and the country; "jinou yonggu" cup is kept inside the pillar of heaven and earth, wishing for the prosperity of the motherland.