metaverse business


with the advent of the metaverse era, huge potential for business transformation and market opportunities could be found in technological ways to realize the mapping and interaction between virtual and real world, providing brand customers and users with a wonderful experience and multi-dimensional scenes of "virtual-real". at present, yuanlong yato has taken the lead in setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary, ylytmeta and its holding subsidiary, uova, and rapidly advancing its business layout. we aim at exploring the business model of metaverse and using virtual digital assets to discover more business opportunity, so as to enrich our marketing service ecological map and accelerate our transformation to an innovative science and technology marketing company.

at present, yuanlong yato is actively implementing metaverse digital products and operations, accelerating the establishment of a metaverse online scene platform for digital art and digital collections. based on blockchain technology, we are able to offer nft services such as the creation, distribution, marketing and co-branding of nft products for enterprise clients, ip parties, artists, etc. meanwhile, we leverage our years of digital technology accomplishments to integrate ip resources, thus providing customers with marketing services including digital gifts, co-branded digital artworks and digital brand integrated marketing.


at the same time, as the deputy director unit of china mobile communications association metaverse consensus circle and deputy director unit of china advertising association digital metaverse working committee, we will actively integrate relevant resources, carry out comprehensive cooperation with members of the two committees, deeply explore the frontier development trends of the metaverse, and then promote the expansion of metaverse business.


ylytmeta is an "ip-centered" metaverse technology marketing agency. it integrates the resources and advantages of the group's two main businesses of "gifts" and "digital marketing". based on physical manufacturing, scarce ip resources, digital collections, innovative ip marketing business model and ylytmeta ecological closed loop, it strives to reach and focus on young people in a wider, more diverse, and more accurate manner, help brands embrace the metaverse in a more efficient way, and provide consumers with a better double experience of the "coexistence of fantasy and reality".

industry advantages

ylytmeta has been focusing on the common, co-created and shared ip construction model.
it has a wide-ranging and diverse virtual human ip matrix and years of experience in digital collections,
which can help brands build value cores in the metaverse more efficiently.

operational advantage

with years of ip marketing and incubation experience, there are corresponding processes and standards for the evaluation and transformation of ip adaptability and cooperation breakthrough points.


resource advantage

yuanlong yato has its own ip, contracted high-quality virtual human ip, and well-known big ip, etc. the rich ip resource bank can better meet the marketing needs of brands.


creativity and planning advantage

based on the advantages in the marketing field, it provides custom virtual human/digital collection marketing strategies for enterprises/brands, designs marketing services based on the metaverse market, and helps to popularize enterprises/brands.


technical advantage

integrate various upstream and downstream resources and capabilities of the metaverse technology industry chain, and jointly deploy the web3.0 era with brand partners from the perspective of people, goods and markets. at present, it has successively reached strategic cooperation with cutting-edge technology companies in the industry.


platform advantage

with social platforms, content platforms, information platforms, e-commerce platforms, all major mainstream social platforms are covered.