yuanlong yato's design and r&d team has created self-owned brand wow!dea since 2008. taking "fantastic new ideas" as the brand philosophy, it transforms creativity into fashionable fun in life, allows unrestrained and vigorous style that brims with talent to dominate life, and creates unlimited possibilities with fresh, ingenious and novel ideas. all products are amazing, making life full of "wow! " ideas.


wow!dea's proposition— new! fantastic! special!




up to now, the products under wow!dea have been recognized and awarded by top international and domestic industrial design awards— if design award, red dot design award, red star design award·gold award, golden pin design award (best design of the year) and the contemporary good design award (gold award) hosted by the red dot design award.




at the end of 2010, wow!dea launched the itooo series of creative electronic products themed at the traditional chinese zodiac sign— "year of the rabbit", introducing a series of popular and creative products to the public innovatively.




motorola china and hp china successively selected s1 (rotary rabbit speakers) and s2 (spring rabbit speakers) in wow!dea's itooo series as gifts for the 2010 spring festival promotional activities. the gifts were warmly welcome by the market and gave a boost to sales.






following itooo, wow!dea launched looo and other series of products in the year of loong, as well as meteorite series wireless laser mouse, bluetooth keyboard and other products in succession, which were also well received by all circles.




the creative design of yuanlong yato's brand of wow!dea has won the loan discount incentives for design and creativity of the [beijing government cultural and creative industry special fund] for many times, and has been invited to take part in industrial design exposition, cultural and creative exposition and other exhibitions repeatedly, bringing in glowing reviews.


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