original brand-利来w66

yuanlong yato's business philosophy of "driving integrated marketing services with cultural creativity" deeply integrates the traditional chinese culture and world culture, and has created many original brands such as wow!dea, m'sugar, and muuur.


in 2008, yuanlong yato's design and development team created its own brand—wow!dea. taking "fantastic new ideas" as the brand philosophy, it transforms creativity into fashionable fun in life, allows unrestrained and vigorous style that brims with talent to dominate life, and creates unlimited possibilities with fresh, ingenious and novel ideas. all products are amazing, making life full of "wow!" ideas.



fashion, creative brand m'sugar is another brand developed and created by yuanlong yato's design and research center. it takes fashion and sweetness as its brand personality, and is carefully designed for young people who are pursuing vogue and individuality. its child-like monologue, i'm sugar, announces a sweet, stylish and refreshing style, advocates specific character, boasts style, lets creativity break through tradition, and creates a youthful era of candy color.



the original designer brand, muuur, is co-created by the famous designer mr. yue xin (main designer) and the sensedesign creative team. muuur is with the cute rabbit image and contrast between lemon yellow and black and white, and its original products that emphasize sense of design are particularly attractive to people who are looking for something different among today's many convergent styles. perhaps this is its very philosophy of "non-fashionable attitude towards life". muuur is a big-bellied rabbit that landed on earth in 2012. it keeps all the brain cells in the stomach and quietly entertains itself.



smartcase is yuanlong yato's original designer luggage brand. while we are constantly innovating and exploring materials and craftsmanship, our designers' pursuit and interpretation of life and ideals are contained in it.


yuanlong gold

yuanlong yato has a profound knowledge and understanding of the market prospects of precious metals as we gain rich experience in operating licensed commodity projects in various domestic and foreign events. after analysis and judgment, it is believed that precious metal products have a great market potential in the future.