smartcase is yuanlong yato's original designer luggage brand. while we are constantly innovating and exploring materials and craftsmanship, our designers' pursuit and interpretation of life and ideals are contained in it.

it is for sure that we have all had such confusion: used luggage often look good, but there are always shortcomings in the internal design, and it is impossible to arrange various scattered objects in an orderly manner.

smartcase provides two solutions to solve the problem from the inside out—

the enzo series is based on the combination of soft and hard original materials, and provides different storage boxes for various types of travel products ranging from shirts and trousers to digital accessories. the soft mesh is waiting for your touch!

the viki series is based on the needs of users, and strives to give products the ability to think. the elegant fabrics are matched with thoughtful inner-grid design, working to satisfy all requirements of business people for bags!

a good carpenter will never use rotten wood in the back of a cabinet. pursuing superior quality and let external appearance of products corresponds to inside is the design philosophy that smartcase has always kept in mind!




the first launch of smartcase series products has attracted widespread attention in the gift industry, and we have successfully signed contracts with more than 100 regional distributors since then.