fashion brand m'sugar is another creative brand developed and created by yuanlong yato's design and r&d center. it takes fashion and sweetness as its brand personality, and is carefully designed for young people who are pursuing vogue and individuality. its child-like monologue, i' m sugar, announces a sweet, stylish and refreshing style, advocates specific character, boasts style, lets creativity break through tradition, and creates a youthful era of candy color.


the designers of the m'sugar design team have created a large number of original graphics and illustrations, and applied these illustrations with girls' inner monologue to fashionable, creative products that are close to life and show individuality.




since 2011, while m'sugar gaining market recognition, procter & gamble, the world's top 500 brand served by yuanlong yato, has recognized the personality of m'sugar. it selected the brand and asked the creative design team of m'sugar to customize and create m'sguar products for p&g's brands and fully connected them into marketing activities.


the creative design of yuanlong yato's m'sugar brand, being fashionable and amiable, has won the loan discount incentives for design and creativity of the [beijing government cultural and creative industry special fund] for several times.